Monday, November 12, 2012

Directory of Academics in Indian Ocean Studies

Directory of Academics in Indian Ocean Studies Please forward and share this initiative with interested academics. This is an initiative of Sarasvati Research Center to create a Directory of Academics engaged in Indian Ocean Studies which would be kept on the public domain. The Directory will open many avenues for collaboration in creating the Indian Ocean Community as a counterpoise to European Community. Interested academics may register their addresses and specialisations. Thanks and regards, Kalyanaraman, Director, Sarasvati Research Centre. Interested academics may post their profiles --as comments-- on this blog. Example: Just 5 items: 1 Name, 2 affiliation, 3 specialisation, 4 disciplines, 5 address Name: Srinivasan Kalyanaraman Affiliation: Director, Sarasvati Research Centre. Specialisation: Hindu civilization. Disciplines: Ancient History, Economics. Address:


  1. Name: Srinivasan Kalyanaraman Affiliation: Director, Sarasvati Research Centre. Specialisation: Hindu civilization. Disciplines: Ancient History, Economics. Address:

  2. A. Sundara ( Ananta Adiga Sundara)

    Individual researcher carrying out studies and research in India Archaeology, History and Culture

    Protohistoric and early historical Indian archaeology

    IndiaArchaeology and Ancient Indian History

    1. Name: Rekha Pande
      Affiliation: Director, Centre for Women's studies and Professor, Department of History, University of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.
      Specialisation: Women's History, Religious and cultural history.
      Disciplines: Medieval History, Women's studies.

  3. Name: Shrinivas Tilak
    Affiliation: Independent research scholar, Montreal, Canada
    Specialization: Bharatiya dharma, samskriti, itihasa, parampara
    Disciplines: Ayurveda, Cultural gerontology, Hermeneutics, Indology

  4. Jennifer L. Gaynor
    University at Buffalo, State University of New York
    History, Anthropology
    Island and peninsular Southeast Asia;
    Maritime history of Southeast Asia in local and global contexts

    Department of History
    546 Park Hall
    Buffalo, NY 14260-4130, USA

  5. Name: Noel B. Salazar
    Affiliation: Founding Director, Cultural Mobilities Research (CuMoRe)
    Specialisation: Intercultural contact, tourism, migration
    Disciplines: Anthropology, mobility studies

    University of Leuven
    Parkstraat 45, bus 3615
    BE-3000 Leuven, Belgium

  6. Name: Dr Daniel Owen Spence
    Affiliation: University of the Free State
    Specializations: Colonial Maritime Cultures, Imperial Ideology, Race and Ethnicity
    Disciplines: British Imperial and Naval History

  7. Name: Dorian Q Fuller
    Affiliation: University College London, Institute of Archaeology
    Specialization: Archaeobotany, crops and crop origins, Archaeology of Neolithic India
    Disciplines: Archaeology, Botany
    Find me here:

  8. Name: Lavanya Vemsani
    Affiliation: Shawnee State University, Department of Social Sciences
    Specialization: Ancient Indian culture and History, Sanskrit, Hinduism, Jainism, Archaeology of South India, India in World History, and Indian Ocean Rim regional history
    Further Information:

    Web pages I edit:

    Contact Address:
    MAS 232
    Dept of Social Sciences
    Shawnee State University
    Portsmouth OH 45662


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